Custom Rolling

Certain design projects require more than a standard cylinder product. We can work with you to design a custom cylinder to satisfy the needs and challenges of your application. Our custom rolling process allows us to provide our customers with round cylinders at a very competitive price. The capacity of our hydraulic drive process is 3/4 inches thick and 10 feet wide and minimum 17 inches diameter. Thicker plates can be rolled at less than 120 inch widths. 

Picture-9-15-013sm  Picture-9-15-007sm

Custom Plasma Cutting

Gladwin Tank Manufacturing has installed a 2011 MultiCam plasma burning table that has a cutting area of 8′ x 16′. The table uses Hypertherm’s newest high definition cutting technology. The plasma system is a HPR260HD that allows us to cut 2.5 thick plate steel with nice edges. We can pierce through 1.25″ easily and have pierced 1.5″ thick 316L with it. The cut edge finish on stainless plate is clean using exotic gas mixes, and the plasma system produces weld ready parts. This system fills the gap between regular plasma cutting and waterjet cutting. This results in the end product being close to waterjet cut sizes – and edge results with faster cut speeds than conventional plasma cutting. If you are looking for higher quality parts than conventional plasma burning, but don’t want to pay waterjet prices, then this may be the perfect solution. Contact us for more details or to provide you with a quote on your project.

plasma-tablesm  plasma1

Water Jet Cutting

MultiCam 5’ x 10’ table
40,000 psi cutting up to 4” thick most any materials.

Flange Torqueing

We do Hy-Torc Stealth portable unit torqueing to the specified torque for the service gasket. All vessels we ship out that have permanent blind flanges with a service gasket installed, will have the studs torqued to the required ft lbs to seat the gasket. This extra service is standard on all permanent flanges we install. We have hand use torque wrenches that are verified and calibrated on our Apex Torque tester up to 600 ft lbs and when the job gets big we use the Hy-Torc Stealth portable unit.

 flange1  flange2